Undergraduate Academic Probation, Dismissal, and Appeal Policies

Pace University students are expected to maintain good academic standing. Dyson College considers a cumulative quality point average (CQPA) of 2.0 (undergraduate students only) to be evidence of good academic standing. Any Dyson student who is not maintaining good academic standing is automatically put on academic probation and is reviewed by the Dyson College Scholastic Standing Committee after every fall and spring term. Students are generally allowed one semester on probation to improve their academic performance and to raise their CQPA, and students with serious or continuing deficiencies will be academically dismissed from the University. If a student is academically dismissed from the University, the dismissal is effective on all Pace campuses.

Students who are academically dismissed from the University are allowed one appeal. Student appeals are made directly to the respective college/school. Students may be reinstated only once through the appeals process. Dyson students who are dismissed for poor academic performance may apply for reinstatement after they meet certain criteria. Please contact the Dyson Advising Office on your home campus for the appropriate reinstatement procedure.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dyson Advising Office on either campus.

Choate House, 1st floor
(914) 773-3781

New York City:
41 Park Row, 2nd floor
(212) 346-1518