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John Stokes


Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

Psychology - NYC

  • @New York City
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BS, Manhattan College

MSEd, Pace University, New York
School Psychology

PhD, Fordham University
School Psychology

Awards and Honors

Society for Personality Assessment, September 12, 2009 - Fellow
New York State Psychological Association, May 30, 2007 - Distinguished Service Award
Pace University, May 1, 2006 - President's Award for Excellence
June 30, 1975 - Phi Beta Kappa
June 30, 1975 - Sigm Xi


  • New York State Department of Education, September 1 Certified School Psychologist in New York State
  • American Psychological Association, February APA Proficiency Certification in Personality Assessment
    The American Psychological Association, through the Society for Personality Assessement, grants proficiencies in several professional practice areas. Materials are submitted to the proficiency board. At the time of the application, only 83 psychologists (all fellows in the Society for Personality Assessment) had been awarded this proficiency certification, which can be renewed every five years.
  • New York State, February 1 Licensed Psychologist


Response Character Styles in Adolescents: A replication of convergent validity between the MMPI-A and the Rorschach
Stokes, J., Pogge, D. & Zaccario, M. (2013, April). Journal of Personality Assessment. Vol 95 (Issue 2)

UNderstanding parent-child discrepancies in psychopathology in preadolescent inpatients: The contributions of response bias and parenting stress
Stokes, J., Pogge, D., Wecksell, B. & Zaccario, M. (2011, July). Journal of Personality Assessment. Vol 93 (Issue 5) , pages 527-536.

High Risk Participant Studies
Stokes, J. (2009, December).

Correlates of the MMPI-A Psychopathology Five (PSY-5) facet scales in an adolescent inpatient sample
Stokes, J., Sarnicola, J., Pogge, D. & McGrath, R. (2008, September). Journal of Personality Assessment. Vol 91 , pages 48-57.

Six year outcomes of first admission adolescent inpatients: Clinical and cognitive characteristics ad admission as predictors
Pogge, D., Insalaco, B., Bilginer, L., Stokes, J., Harvey, P. & , . (2007, January). Psychiatry Research. Vol 160 , pages 47-54.


Stokes, J. M., Sapoff, M., Loring, M. & Pogge, D. (2015, March 7). Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment. Psychological Assessment of Borderline Features in Adolescents: Relationships among the MACI, PAI-A and Rorschach. Society for Personaltiy Assessment, Brooklyn, New York.

Stokes, J. M., Bombe, V., Klosk, M. & Pogge, D. (2015, March 6). Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment. The Relationship between Rorschach Interpersonal Cluster Variables and Parent Ratings of Interpersonal Functioning: A configurational Comparison. Society for Personaltiy Assessment, Brooklyn, New York.


Psychological Assessment of Children and Adolescents: Neuropsychological and Personality; Childhood Onset Psychosis and Thinking Problems; Learning Disabilities; Relationship between intellectual disabilities and psychiatric disorders


American Psychological Association

New York State Psychological Association[President, School Division; Council of Representatives]

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