Dr. Yvette Edwards ’87

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to help all the people placed with me to enhance and recover naturally."

For Dr. Yvette Edwards it’s been a long but ultimately fulfilling road from Kingston, Jamaica, where she was born, to her private practice in South Carolina, one that incorporates chiropractic, nutrition, weight loss, and regenerative medicine.

Arriving in the United States in 1980 and raised by a single and financially struggling parent, Edwards very much wanted to be independent upon graduation from Pace. An initial career assessment as a student revealed that she could excel in many different areas, so she selected a major in chemistry, a course of study that was listed as leading to high-paying professions.

It has led to her best life in more ways than one.

She said, “It allowed me the opportunity to mix and make products starting from scratch, and I have been able to use this skill in figuring out the best combination of nutritional supplements that lead to health and healing for so many folks.”

Edwards didn’t start out with a plan to pursue medicine. At one point, she did consider becoming a medical doctor, but her philosophy on life and belief that the body is self-healing discouraged her.

After graduating from Pace, she was immediately recruited by a chemical company, BASF, where she flourished for nearly a decade, working in automotive quality assurance.

Then one day, Edwards needed to accompany her mother, who was struggling with walking, to a chiropractic appointment during a visit to South Florida. At the time, she was neither overly familiar with this modality nor aware of its holistic approach to health. Edwards was astounded when her mother, who’d entered the office with a walker, exited “practically running” following her appointment. After having a personal experience of recovery for back-related issues, Edwards decided to enroll in Sherman College of Chiropractic in Atlanta, where she eventually graduated with honors.

It has been almost twenty years that she has been a licensed chiropractic physician, work that is both financially and personally rewarding.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to help all the people placed with me to enhance and recover naturally,” she said.

Today, she has expanded her practice to include an associate doctor of chiropractic, and she provides nutritional consults, weight-loss therapy utilizing UV-light technology, and non-surgical knee pain recovery, thereby helping others recover from illnesses they otherwise expected to be lifelong.

When asked what advice she would provide students, her response, of course, is wholistic.

“Stay disciplined enough to finish [school], don’t worry about your future, and hold your image of success,” she said.