January 31 to February 22

Closing Reception: Wednesday, February 22, 4:30 - 6:00 PM.

Night Flowers
Jim Moninger

A Photographic Retrospective

Fingesten Gallery
Pace University
One Pace Plaza
New York, NY

Pace University is pleased to announce a career retrospective exhibition of the photographs of former Pace University Professor Jim Moninger.  For more than two decades at Pace, Professor Moninger introduced students to a wide-ranging and experimental approach to photography that closely mirrored his own practice.  An ardent practitioner of pinhole photography, his work in this area was influential in the United States and Germany.  He also embraced color photography as a powerful expressive medium, and his color photographic series, Night Flowers, forms the heart of this exhibition.

Working at night with color film, the images in Night Flowers are photos of flower shop windows in New York City. The condensation on the shop windows fractures light in a way that is both beautifully atmospheric and also a prefiguration of the pixilated digital photography that emerged during his career.  Also on view is a wide range of Professor Moninger’s proof prints from his studio, ranging from digital collages to street photography to cyanotypes, pinhole images and more.

The university was honored to have Professor Moninger as a teacher who inspired so many students at Pace, and we hope this exhibition enables his influence to continue.