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Oh, the Places a Modern Languages Alumnus Can Go

Matteo Ceurvels ’13, Latin American Studies, Spanish, is having a very busy day.

He is a senior researcher at eMarketer, a New York based company that provides data and analysis on a wide range of digital topics across industries.

As part of his role, he is synthesizing market trends in Latin America and Spain, interviewing key entrepreneurs and industry leaders, and translating this information to marketers or digital media professionals who are applying it to their own marketing agendas in their respective firms.

And that’s just by noon.

Although Ceurvels is a business professional, it is his love for languages – he speaks nine – that is at the heart of what he does, and an important aspect of his work.

The Spanish major says, “In being exposed to languages and cultures and really traveling and applying those languages, you really become a more well-rounded person when you are in a work environment. In this global age, it allows you to become more adaptable, to understand differing situations, and overcome conflict.”

Emerging, thriving Latin American markets

Ceurvels was also a Latin American Studies major at Pace, and through this experience, was able to see the region from the perspective of a fascinating melting pot that is worth exploring in depth and understanding from a cultural and historical point of view.

He was also aware that news emanating from the region was often either minimal, as compared to other parts of the world such as China or the United States, or focused on negative subjects such as crime and poverty.

Through his work as a digital marketing strategist, he has been able to act on another passion of his – teaching - to educate others on the positive developments coming out of the region, especially in regard to the digital transformation of many countries.

“Countries such as Colombia have a very big emerging tech sector, with tons of startups coming out the region, and it’s a very exciting time. In addition, many Latin American cities are using green technology in order to improve the quality of lives for their citizens, and others are now home to some major global media powerhouses,” he says.

Going back to his roots

Ceurvels has maintained close ties with the Modern Languages and Cultures Department on the New York City campus, both as a student, and as a “truly exceptional alumnus,” as described by Professor and Chair Antonia Garcia-Rodriguez.

Regarding his experiences as a student, he believed that it was important to develop good relations with his professors.  “I looked up to my professors as role models and would ‘pick their brains’ because of their wisdom and knowledge. I was always learning something new and constantly engaged in class,” he says.

Moreover, those relationships have carried on.  “After graduation, it was nice to know I could have a professional relationship with [my professors], and if I had any questions, or if there were any leads that came up, they were there for me.”

Inspiring students

To current or prospective Dyson language majors, Ceurvels offers a bit of advice.

“Always believe in the importance of language and the reason why you fell in love with your language choice. It’s that passion that is going to translate, and that’s what employers are going to see. That is a key to the global market today.”

Muy cierto (so very true)!