Emily DiNuzzo ’16 Writes News You Can Use

This recent Dyson alumna and Communications major talks about the path that Pace created for her lively writing career.

What have you been up to since graduation?

After graduating, I interned for The Food Network, INSIDER, and freelanced for publications like Well + Good and POPSUGAR. I just started a new role as an assistant staff writer for the Reader’s Digest website, RD.com.

What was your experience like with the English and Modern Language Studies Department in Pleasantville?

I liked that the professors had current and relevant experience in a media landscape that is continuously changing. Professor Kevin Czerwinski was a big supporter throughout my time at Pace, as well as the recently retired former Chairperson Robert Klaeger. Professor Paul Ziek was a fantastic resource and professor as well.

What on-campus activities helped pave your path to becoming a writer?

I wrote some pieces for the Pace Chronicle, and I was an editor for Vox, the student-run literary magazine.  During my junior year, I started the SpoonUniversity.com chapter on campus, a publication from a group of content creators who share a love for all things food.

What internships did you have as a student?

The two internships I obtained through Pace were great jumping off points for my career. I first interned at HooplaHa.com, writing content for their blog, and then at Westchester Magazine, where I really started to pad my portfolio and flex my muscles as a reporter. I also interned for HerCampus.com during my senior year.

What topics do you enjoy writing about, and what do you hope to achieve through your work?

I especially love writing about health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and food. Although, I love that my current position allows me to write about so much more. My favorite part of the whole process is speaking with various experts and sources. I'm lucky that I get to learn something new every day and I hope my writing does the same for my readers. I enjoy writing service-related content and news you can use.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

I’d love to stay in the media industry and continue creating entertaining and informative content as a writer and editor. You never know where the media industry might take you today, and I’m open to exploring whatever comes my way.

What advice do you have for current students?

Choose your classes strategically. It can be tempting to take courses that are less challenging, but the challenging ones are where you will learn and grow the most. This really applies to any industry, but especially the media industry, where real-life experience is the best thing to have under your belt.

We look forward to Emily’s continued success as a writer. Read some of her work on Muckrack.com and follow her on Instagram @emilyrosedinuzzo.