Research Facilities and Instruments

Our research laboratory facilities are fully equipped for contemporary applications in biochemistry and molecular biology. Our laboratory facilities have undergone extensive renovation and provide students with a professional environment where students can meet informally to exchange ideas and discuss their research. The chemistry and physical sciences department houses a state-of-the-art DNA sequencing laboratory, and the Haskins Laboratories houses a pathogen handling suite equipped with BSL-2 hoods, HPLC-MS/MS for state-of-the-art analysis of metabolites, and provides a world class environment for student thesis research. The biology department houses a state-of-the-art microscopic facility.

Major Instrumentation

Pace University's Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program's laboratory facilities house state-of-the-art instruments, including:

  • ABI DNA sequencing system that consists of the 7500 Real Time PCR and the 3130 Genetic Analyzer
  • RT-qPCR
  • HPLC-MS/MS (Perkin-Elmer-ABI)
  • HPLC (Agilent 1100)
  • GC-MS (2, Agilent 5890, 6890-5732)
  • GC-FID (2, Agilent 6890)
  • FTIR with ATR (Nicolet)
  • Capillary Electrophoresis (Agilent)
  • FT Â NMR (Anasazi, 60 MHz
  • ABI programmable plate reader
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer (Beckman)
  • UV-Vis (Perkin Elmer Lamda-2)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • LC-MS, Fluorescence microscope
  • Reflectance UV-Vis
  • Fluorimeter (Hitachi 2500)
  • BSL-2 sterile hood
  • Inverted fluorescence microscope
  • Microwave synthesizer (CEM Discover)
  • Microscopes and polarized light microscopes
  • CO2 incubators (5)
  • Ultra-centrifuge
  • Vernier LabPro Data Collection System with pH, light, temperature, turbidity sensors and ion selective electrodes
  • Computational facilities including a Beowulf Cluster for Molecular Modeling