Dyson College Disciplines


New York is a center for arts and culture, and Dyson College offers a range of unique programs and opportunities to explore and nurture your creative talent.

Available degree programs and minors
Jonah Camiel '19
Production and Design for Stage and Screen

"Once you know what it is you want to do, you have to throw yourself fully into that thing. You can only advance your skills if you commit."

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Are you passionate about people and the ways in which we understand and explain our experiences? A degree in the humanities can provide a broad array of opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to help you succeed in a variety of fields.

Available degree programs and minors

Social/Behavioral Sciences

By studying the social sciences–including communications, economics and psychology– you can open up a world of possibilities by establishing a strong foundation of core knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Math and Natural Sciences

Uncover the world around you by immersing yourself in the sciences. At Pace University, that means hands-on research opportunities and the knowledge you need to succeed in a variety of disciplines.

Available degree programs and minors
Thomas Carpenito '21
Environmental Science

"Pace University allows me to be on the front lines of the environmental movement, and provides me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself."

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