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Emily Bent, PhD
Assistant Professor of Women's & Gender Studies
Courses: Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies; Seminar in Feminist Theories; Introduction to Girls' Activism; Youth, Politics, and Social Change; Gender and Human Rights 
Research: girls' activism; feminist girls and girlhoods; girls' human rights; girls and global development; youth and social justice 
Quote: "I love that I get to introduce students to the importance of feminist organizing and resistance."

Francis Bonenfant-Juwong, PhD
Lecturer in Peace and Justice Studies
Courses: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
Research: 20th Century U.S. History; U.S. in the Middle East; Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the “local turn” in peacebuilding; development, peacebuilding, and colonialism.
Quote: “I find it exciting and inspiring to see students take a genuine interest in how to improve the world around them.”

Pamela J. Fuentes, PhD
Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies Department
Courses: Women and Feminisms in Latin America/Sexualities and Cities/Sex, Ethnicities, and Race: Latin America, Gender, Race, and Class/
Research: Sex Work, History, and Latin American Politics/Culture and Sexualities/Modern Mexican History/Popular Culture
Quote: "I love teaching because it is an opportunity to share what I know, but above all, I have the chance to learn from my students."

Meghana Nayak, PhD
Professor of Political Science/Chair of Women's and Gender Studies/Affiliate Faculty of Women's and Gender Studies
Courses: Global Activism and Transnational Feminist Theories; Gender and Politics International Law and Human Rights; Introduction to International Relations;
Research: gender violence; asylum/refugees/undocumented migrants; transnational feminist theory and advocacy
Quote: "It is such an honor to witness and learn from my students' intellectual journeys."

Dr. Nancy Reagin
Professor of Women's & Gender Studies and History (joint appointment)
Courses:  Gender, Race, and Class; Miniskirts and Headscarves: Nationalism, Immigration, and Religion in Europe; Germany Since 1848; Europe Since World War I; Reacting to the Past
Research: gender and nationalism; fandoms, media, and politics;
transnational feminism; gender and consumer cultures
Quote: "I know a class is going well when I turn up on time, and find that the students began discussing the material 10 minutes early, because they didn't want to wait!"

Emily Welty, PhD
Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies/Director of Peace and Justice Studies
Courses: Nonviolence: Theory and Practice; Reconciliation and Transitional Justice; Advanced Peace and Justice Studies; Humanitarianism and International Aid Work
Research: humanitarian aid, nonviolent social movements, peacebuilding and the arts, religion and peacebuilding
Quote: “Teaching is both my passion and my vocation – I find so much joy and meaning in engaging with our smart, opinionated and curious students!”

Joint and Affiliate Faculty

Martha W. Driver, PhD
Distinguished Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies
Courses: The Medieval Woman, Women in the Arthur Legends Medieval to Modern, Fairy Tales, The Magical Text from Medieval to Early Modern (cross-listed with English)
Research: medieval and early modern literature, history of women, history of the book
Quote: "Students enrich my life, touch my heart, and students are our future. What more is there to say?" 

Yvonne Rafferty

Stephanie Hsu

Sid Ray, PhD
Professor of English/Associate Chair of English/Affiliate Faculty of Women's and Gender Studies
Courses: Shakespeare I and II, Jane Austen, Gender and Television, Performing Shakespeare, Seventeenth-Century Literature, Introduction to Drama
Research: Shakespeare Studies, Feminist Shakespeare, Shakespeare in Performance, Early Modern Performance Culture, Women in the Early Modern Period, Performance Studies