Course Schedule

Fall 2021/Spring 2022: Relocation Notice

The MS in Publishing program is now located in their new quarters at 163 William Street, 18th floor. Our doors are open, so let us know if you'd like to stop by and visit.


Spring 2021 Course Offerings
(January 23 – May 1)

Class Number
Class Title
PUB 601-23696 Principles of Publishing: Copyediting M 6:10-9:00 PM Prof. Karen Jenkins Holt
PUB 612-22840 Information Systems in Publishing T 6:10-9:00 PM Prof. Daniel Berkowitz
PUB 613-20892 The Future of Publishing: Transmedia W 6:10-9:00 PM Prof. Paul Levitz
PUB 628-22286 Marketing Principles & Practices R 6:10-9:00 PM Prof. Tina McIntyre
PUB 699A-20530 Internship I
Please contact Prof. Romanello after you have registered for further instructions.
TBA 6:10-9:00 PM Prof. Jennifer Romanello
PUB 699B-20291 Internship II
Prerequisite: PUB 699A
TBA 6:10-9:00 PM Prof. Jennifer Romanello


On-Line Spring 2021 Course Offerings
(January 23 – May 1))

Class Number
Class Title
PUB 605-22804 Critical Financial Issues in Publishing
Satisfies the PUB 608 Financial Aspects of Publishing requirement
Prof. Thomas DiMascio
PUB 607-22877 Magazine Production & Design Prof. Vincent Forgione
PUB 610-20289 Fundamentals of Trade Book Publishing Prof. Michelle Richter
PUB 618-23402 Legal Aspects of Publishing Prof. Kirsten Sandberg
PUB 631-22741 Publishing Business Communication Skills Prof. Elena Mauer
PUB 637-23052 Children’s Book Marketing
Satisfies the PUB 628 Marketing Principles & Practices requirement
Prof. Jason Wells
PUB 690A-20290 Graduate Seminar I: Publishing Strategies I Prof. Karen Holt
PUB 690B-21080 Graduate Seminar: Publishing Strategies II
Prerequisite: PUB 690A
Prof. Karen Holt


For registration support, please contact the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) at (212) 346-1315.

Entrance Requirements for the Certificate Programs:
Application, application fee, undergraduate degree, two letters of recommendation, and transcripts are required.

Entrance Requirements for the Degree Program:
Application, application fee, two letters of recommendation, personal statement and resume, transcript from school(s) attended.

The application can be accessed online at For assistance with the graduate application process, contact Zachary Karp ( of Graduate Admissions.

Visit Pace Portal to register for classes under the "Student" tab.

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