Alumni Testimonials

"As someone who moved to New York with no knowledge of the industry and even less knowledge of where I belonged in it, the Pace M.S. in Publishing program not only helped me find my place, but also allowed me to make the connections I needed and find lifelong friends along the way. The professors at Pace have a desire to see their students succeed which makes all the difference. Two semesters into the program I was able to intern with Simon & Schuster and immediately after was hired by Hachette Book Group and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without professors like Manuela Soares mentoring and advocating for me. "​​

— Ely Mellet '18, Junior Designer at Scholastic

The Pace Publishing program helped me to meet the right people and gain the practical knowledge necessary for the job I do today. It was an invaluable experience, and I loved my time in the program.

— Rachel Diebel '18, Assistant Editor at St. Martin’s Press

I went into book publishing thinking I’d be an editor. It turns out that everyone wants to be an editor. Attending the Pace Publishing Program, I learned there’s much more—sales, marketing, production, and other areas. An editor may choose the book, but someone’s got to finance it, promote it, and make it. And, as it happened, my calling was making ebooks.With Pace’s breadth of industry connections and internship assistance, I was able to land my first two publishing gigs—all before graduating. I’m now an ebook technologies manager at Penguin Random House, where I assist production teams with making the best ebooks for Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other retail partners. When you’re new to the publishing industry, it’s hard to find context or contacts. You can find both through Pace.

— Alex Grover '15, Associate, EBook Production at Penguin Random House

The program definitely taught me valuable knowledge about the industry that I may never have been able to learn elsewhere. It is a great feeling to know about how different departments work before jumping into a big company. Knowing the terminology and understanding the hierarchies made me feel more confident when I first began.

— Andrea St. Aubin '14, Assistant Production Editor at Penguin Random House

My experience in the publishing program was amazing. Being surrounded by students and teachers who are as passionate about the industry as you are is very inspiring. It was during the program that I completely fell in love with design. It’s where I typeset my first chapters and designed a few covers for books and magazines. I was hooked.

— Mauricio Díaz '12, Art Director at Open Road Integrated Media

Noah Efroym

During my time at Pace I tried to take as many courses as possible that focused on technology and its application to modern publishing. I found I really enjoyed working with the Adobe creative suite of products, like InDesign, in the Desktop Publishing course, and later applied that knowledge to the Information Systems in Publishing course, where I was able to get some hands-on experience with eBooks. From there I found that I was well positioned for my internships working in digital production at Open Road Media and Hachette, which were themselves the springboards for my current full-time position at Simon & Schuster.

— Noah Efroym '12, Quality Assurance Engineer at Amazon

Margaret Harrison

I started the program with experience on the digital side but very little knowledge of how a traditional publishing house works. Through Pace I learned a lot about production through Prof. Delano’s course, and also about marketing and business plans from Prof. Soares. My goal was to eventually work for a traditional publisher, and thanks to Pace I was able to achieve that. I also have to highlight my relationship with Prof. Soares, which has continued beyond my education at Pace. Manuela’s mentorship and insight has been invaluable to me. In fact, she convinced me to pursue this opportunity at OUP, and I’m so glad I did.

— Margaret Harrison '12, Director, Digital Services at Ingram Content Group

Don Schmidt

I would recommend this experience for anyone who wants to get a first look at publishing, or a grizzled veteran like myself who needed an upgrade of skills to stay competitive in this ever-changing business. Using technology to learn about new technology, that’s how I like to view my online experience.

— Don Schmidt '12, Publishing Industry Pundit and Blogger at The Book Kahuna

Hannah Bennett

Well, for starters, Pace was instrumental in helping me land my current job. It was through the school’s networks that I heard about the internship, and partly through their recommendations (yours, in fact!) that I got the job. But more than that, Pace taught me where I ought to be looking. It taught me the organizations I should be a part of, the publications I should read to stay on top of industry news, the ways to reach out and network with people. It taught me how to be connected and engaged in the publishing industry.

The other benefit of the Pace education is how well-rounded it is. For instance, if I had never taken classes at Pace, I might never have learned very much about print production. But having a cursory understanding of print production has actually been quite helpful to me in my digital publishing role, especially when working on print-on-demand projects or style guides. As I said before, publishing is all interconnected. The broad education definitely helps.

— Hanna Bennett '12, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Start Publishing, LLC

Simon Fong

Pace was an amazing place to learn about the Publishing world. The best thing about this program is that the faculty is made of professors who have worked in the industry or are currently working in the industry. I think that it’s very helpful to get first-hand experience from professors who can share what they know about the industry and also impart their knowledge to their students.

I also loved the more business oriented classes that I took during my time at Pace. I loved the advertising sales class I took with Professor Wilson, since it had prepared me for some of the things that I deal with on a day to day basis, like CPMs and agency/publisher relationships. I think it’s important for students at Pace to take a whole array of different classes to get a more holistic view of the publishing industry

— Simon Fong '12, Account Manager, Adecco at Google

Cicely Bland

I am grateful to have been the recipient of the Herbert Schnall “Los Angeles Times” scholarship which really helped to offset the cost of graduate school. I had an opportunity to volunteer at the BEA Publishing Business Conference (hosted by Book Business Magazine) and the Custom Publishing Council’s Pearl Award while I was in the Program. Additionally, I was able to attend the IBPA’s Publishing University for free twice because of relationships Pace had with the event organizers. These experiences paved the way for many of the successes that I am experiencing today.

— Cicely Bland '11, CEO, Empower House Publishing, LLC

Olivia Rassow

The flexibility of the program meant that I could take classes online while teaching in Maryland. With some credits under my belt, I was able to move to NY and complete the course one year later. The program has diverse requirements. Sometimes working on profit and loss sheets in economics and reading about cases in the legal aspects of publishing seemed unrelated to the creative side of magazines, but they really helped me have a complete understanding of how the industry functions. It’s also great to see where former classmates have ended up and nice to have so many friends in the field.

— Olivia Rassow '11, Editor at Wayfair and Lifestyle Brands

Dior Vargas

There were many times when people would mention terms like wholesale model versus agency model and I knew exactly what they were talking about. It gave me the confidence and the knowledge to perform better at my jobs. I think having an educational background in this industry helps no matter what people might say otherwise. It gives you an edge and it sets you apart from other candidates. It shows how invested you are in this industry.

— Dior Vargas '11, Production Manager at Barnes & Noble/NOOK Media

Tara Hart

I have to say that the people I met and the professional connections I have made through the program were the best part of my time in the Pace publishing program. I have made many friendships that I hope to continue to maintain throughout my professional career. I learned the most from the various classes taught by Professor Soares and view them as the most valuable. Her years in the industry in a variety of companies and the various speakers she invited into her classes gave me insights into the various aspects of this industry. In fact, one of the speakers she invited into her General Interest Books class showed me that I was really interested in working on the agency side of the industry, as opposed to working for a publisher.

— Tara Hart ’10, Manager- Permissions and Rights at Penguin Random House Audio

Lauren Smulski

If nothing else, my experience at Pace helped me find my first internship, and the connections I made there got me through the door at Harlequin. I also gained a great deal of valuable insight into the basics of the industry, which helped me to hit the ground running in that regard when I started here at Harlequin. My training in desktop publishing, courtesy of Pace, also helped me land my former position at Stewart Howe, and my design experience is definitely a stand-out skill set on my resume.

— Lauren Smulski '10, Associate Editor at Harlequin TEEN

Jaclyn Stewart

My educational experience at Pace really laid the groundwork for me to enter a professional workplace and have a working knowledge of the roles and expectations of working in publishing. My internship at Fitness Magazine was definitely the highlight of my experience as a graduate student at Pace. I had the opportunity to research and write a great deal in the women’s lifestyle space, which has always been where my professional passion lived.

— Jaclyn Stewart '10, Managing Director at The 614 Group

Ivy Jacobson

What was most important to me in my class choices were getting lots of information about all facets of publishing and being well rounded in both print publications and the web. I took classes in book, magazine, and digital publishing, marketing, financial aspects of publishing, creating publications, how publications are physically made, etc. I loved that all professors in the program are industry professionals as well, and spoke from personal experience in class about their careers and what its like to work at certain places, and also brought in former and current colleagues to speak to the class. I got to attend class at the Reuters building once, which was hugely informative.

— Ivy Jacobson '10, Senior Digital Editor at The Knot

Ebony LaDelle

The publishing program at Pace has prepared me by giving me a broad overview of the book and magazine publishing industries. I was able to be in a classroom with industry professionals and got advice and guidance from them on how to enter into the field of publishing. This was was nice because I felt like they didn’t sugarcoat the reality of what is going on in the industry today for me. I was able to ask questions that I might not have been able to ask in a professional setting. Moreover, I was able to network with my peers who are looking to go into the same industry-it becomes easier to find jobs when you have great contacts.

— Ebony LaDelle '10, Senior Marketing Manager at HarperCollins Publishers

Sydney Jarrard

My classes at Pace covered everything from editorial to marketing to finance to production, and I went into each internship both very confident and very well prepared, and came out of them even more knowledgeable about how publishing companies work and the responsibilities of each department. In the end, I discovered that I loved working in the publicity department and with trade books (both adult and children’s), and I plan on pursuing a career as a publicist for a trade book publisher. Pace really prepared me for my career; my professors introduced me to all the right people, helped me establish all kinds of connections in the industry, and provided support for the avenues I decided to explore. I'm extremely happy with the degree I am earning and with the experience I had as a student at Pace.

— Sydney Jarrard ’08, Content Director at American Booksellers Association

Justin Colby

I think the most valuable part for me was the multi-disciplinary approach. As publishing becomes more and more complicated, employers are looking for someone who can adapt quickly and wear many hats, if you pardon the cliché. Working with professors who had worked or were currently working in the industry was also very valuable. My grandfather always told me you should know something about everything and everything about one thing. I think that’s a good way to go about a publishing career.

— Justin Colby '08, Project Director at Onward Publishing

Erin Galloway

Pace gave me a fantastic foundation for a career in the publishing industry. I saw the “big picture” much more clearly because I had a better understanding of all of the different departments in a publishing house and the roles they play. Many of the insights various professors shared have also been helpful. Even if something didn’t seem relevant at the time, I often find myself remembering a particular point a professor made and how relevant it is to what I’m doing today. Pace also made me feel much more confident about putting my skills to practical use in the work environment. I also formed a nice network of contacts through the Pace program.

— Erin Galloway '07, Associate Director of Publicity at Berkley Publishing Group

T.S. Ferguson

I do think Pace gave me a leg up as an assistant. I was able to transition into my assistant role much more quickly because I had a strong foundation of knowledge about how the industry worked. It also gave me the chance to make friends with a wonderful group of classmates who scattered into the industry and became the beginnings of my publishing network, which has been incredibly beneficial to my career.

— T.S. Ferguson '04, Associate Editor at Harlequin TEEN

Yunjie Duan

The Publishing program at Pace has been extremely valuable to my career development. First of all, as an international student, the program gave me a great introduction to the industry in the United States, which is quite different than that in China. Apart from the program’s convenient location in midtown Manhattan, I was able to find three internship opportunities one month after I completed the first year. The job market in 2000 was of course very different, but without the program, I wouldn’t have received so many offers.

Secondly, the program helped me discover a different side of myself. I was a computer engineering major as an undergraduate. Through the accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship classes at Pace, I discovered and developed my interest in these business-related topics. I eventually went to NYU Stern to pursue an MBA. Without the program, I definitely wouldn’t have explored so many career options.

Thirdly, I became acquainted with many wise and friendly faculty members and students, many of whom I still keep in touch with. Their perspectives and help are invaluable, and I am grateful that I got to know them through the program.

I think the essence of education is to open eyes and open doors: open a student’s eyes to the things she never thought of, and open doors to the opportunities that she would have never been exposed to. The program at Pace has definitely done that for me. It was indeed one of my life-changing experiences.

— Yunjie Duan '01, IT Project Manager at Pearson Education/Pearson Technology

Jessica Napp

The best part of my experience at Pace was being able to learn the basics at night in class, and then apply those lessons to the real world job experience. Conversely, when a subject matter in school was troublesome, I had great resources in the office to rely on for additional guidance and advice. The book production class was the best example of this. Early on, I never really understood printing schedules, 4 or 5 color printing and color corrections, or how some pages got bound inversely in the finished book. After seeing a book on press over at Watchtower, I had a much clearer understanding of the whole process, which led to a better understanding at the office as to why files are prepped the way that they are, why schedules are set with the buffer dates, etc. Truly a full-circle experience!

— Jessica Napp '00, Associate Director of Publicity at Rizzoli Publishing International

Eytan Bernstein

Throughout my time at Pace, I’ve made numerous connections and contacts. I’ve learned things I never would have learned on the job about marketing, finance, production, printing, and magazines. There is no substitute for work experience, but the M.S. in Publishing program teaches students to be well rounded publishing professionals who can have careers in many aspects of publishing. No single job in publishing can teach all of this knowledge and or all of these skills. I feel I am prepared to take on any challenge that awaits me in the coming years.

— Eytan Bernstein '10, Educational Program Manager at Course Hero