Chair's Welcome


Welcome to the Department of Environmental Studies and Science (ESS) at Pace University. If you are interested in solving environmental challenges, we can support you. We have undergraduate degrees in Environmental Studies and Science as well as a Master's of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. We also have minors and certificates in Environmental Studies, Sustainability, and Conservation. Our programs support dual degrees and Honor’s program requirements, and we have combined undergraduate and graduate degrees you can get in reduced time.

We are focused on experience in ESS. Our faculty have expertise in ecology, water, climate change, waterfronts, animals, food, urbanization, community development, environmental justice, and more. In our programs you will learn about environmental issues and how to apply your knowledge to interdisciplinary problem-solving. Our students often get internships and participate in collaborative research projects with other students and faculty while they are in the program.

Our students often find work in the public and private sector, as well as nonprofits and community organizations. We have also helped to place our students in post-graduate masters, PhD, and Law programs, including Pace’s Haub School of Law. Some examples include:

  • State, County, and Municipal Parks Departments
  • Municipal Planning and Environmental Departments
  • Environmental Advocacy and Community Nonprofits
  • Sustainability Offices and Programs
  • Environmental Consulting, Conservation, and Research Firms
  • National and Global Environmental Organizations
  • Legal and Policy Institutes and Firms
  • Legislative Offices
  • Masters and PhD Programs
  • Law School

In ESS, we are doing world-class research, advocacy, and policy work. We are committed to developing the skills you need to tackle big challenges like climate change, toxic waste cleanup, conservation, and environmental injustice, as well as just improving your community. We want our students to go out in the world and do some good. If you are interested, please reach out to anyone in ESS. We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Finewood, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor
Environmental Studies and Science
Pace University