Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Economics in the Dyson College of Arts and Science at Pace University. We can assist you in fulfilling your intellectual curiosity and career goals, and, as a discipline, economics can give you the tools necessary for a better understanding of business, history, political science, pre-law – or simply of what makes the world tick.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics, as well as an Economics minor. The rigor of our major and minor programs will enable you to successfully compete in an ever more challenging world; yet they are flexible enough to allow you to meet your individual educational goals. In the department,  independent research opportunities abound through seminar courses, independent studies, internships and tutorials. In addition, we offer a new Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Economics Analysis and Policy. Lastly, we think you will find our faculty is not only very knowledgeable, but friendly and approachable.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about the Department of Economics.

Joseph C. Morreale, PhD
Economics Department Chair
41 Park Row, 11th Floor
New York City and Pleasantville
(212) 346-1709