Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Criminal Justice and Security Department at Pace University located on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses. We offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and an executive Master of Arts in Management for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals.

This is a vibrant and growing department with five full-time faculty members and numerous part-time professors who are working professionals at the local, county, state and federal government levels.

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice prepares students for work in law enforcement-related jobs and for graduate school in the fields of law, homeland security, public administration, criminal justice, psychology, social work or sociology.

The undergraduate curriculum requires 60 credits of university core and a total of 36 credits in the major, including courses in investigation, criminal and constitutional law, evidence and procedure, police-community relations, community policing, probation, corrections and other related topics. Students are encouraged to apply nine auxiliary credits towards a specialization in another discipline such as forensic science, sociology, psychology, or philosophy, or other specializations as approved by the department chair.

In addition, our undergraduate students gain practical life experience while participating in our criminal justice internship program. We strongly encourage students to take advantage of working in at least one of the various local, state and federal criminal justice agencies, including the US Marshals, local prosecutors and juvenile justice agencies, to name a few.

Following graduation, our undergraduate students have successfully moved into careers in law enforcement with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Customs, Internal Revenue Service, local law enforcement and numerous other opportunities. Additionally, many have chosen to go on to law school and other graduate programs, especially in criminal justice.

Executive Masters for Public Safety and Homeland Security Professionals

In partnership with the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Pace University offers an executive masters which combines theory and practice to prepare public and private sector law enforcement, military, fire, public health and other safety and security professionals to respond to and prevent crime and terrorist attacks, protecting against human and natural hazards, and manage large-scale public safety plans, The program is offered primarily online with only six weekends of residencies required over a two year period.

I encourage you to take a moment to explore our course offerings, student resources, and faculty profiles.

Cathryn Lavery, PhD
New York City and Pleasantville Campuses