Chair's Welcome

Communication is among the most widely used and least understood terms in the world of words. Humans depend on our our ability as language and symbol users to overcome virtually every challenge in our lives - private, public, professional and political - yet we know very little about how communication actually works.

While the academic discipline of Communication Studies is rich in applicable professional knowledge-sets and skills, at it’s heart is the fundamental understanding of how people come together to create meaning. Our students study the philosophy, history and theories of language, culture, critical thinking and “what it means to mean” in addition to learning how to create effective content in a variety of media.

The student who wishes to prepare for the professions can choose to concentrate in the study of organizations, institutions, group process, persuasion, critical thinking and cultural communication. The student who wants a career in either direct content creation or professional support of the popular arts, public relations and/or persuasive campaigns can study the phenomena of mass media and gain practical skills in digital and convergent media. The student who wishes to go on to graduate school and join us in the ranks of the professorate will be qualified to excel in any master's and/or doctoral program. All of our students learn the dynamics of interpersonal and intercultural communication.

In short, Communication Studies is the ultimate synthesis of a university education. Our students immerse themselves in the history and tradition of western and international intellectual thought and apply that learning to the practical challenges of professional achievement in an ever-changing information economy. Contrary to popular wisdom, in the modern world, you can’t “walk the walk” if you can’t “talk the talk.” Rest assured, that when Communication Studies students walk for their commencement ceremonies, they stride into a secure and rewarding future.

Emilie Zaslow, PhD
Communication Studies Department Chair
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1870