Thinking about a career as a teacher?

Consider Pace’s Combined Early Start Program to earn your Undergraduate degree and
a Master of Science in Teaching (MST) in just 5 years.

Why consider becoming a teacher?

The demand for teachers is at an historic high. A teaching career is rewarding, with excellent salary benefits, and job security. Wallethub ranked New York in the top ten states to teach, with an average annual teacher salary of $81,902.

Pace’s Early Start program allows you to:
  • Start working full-time before you graduate.
    Once you complete 50% of the MST degree, you are eligible to be hired on an Internship Certificate. This means you can teach full-time during the day and finish your MST program in the evening while earning a full teacher’s salary.
  • Complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years and save time and tuition costs.
    Six credits of the MST can be completed in your senior year. Credits are double-counted: six credits of electives in your Dyson major; six credits toward your MST degree.
  • Choose from one of two tracks, based on your major:
  • Adolescent Education Track (30 credits): Become certified to teach Middle and High School students (grades 7-12) in a specific subject area. This track is ideal for the following majors:
    • English
    • Math
    • History
    • Second Languages
    • Any Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science)
  • Childhood Education Track (36 credits): Become certified to teach Elementary School students (grades 1-6). You are an ideal candidate to become an Elementary School Teacher if you are majoring in any of Dyson College’s Liberal Arts and Science degrees.

Requirements - A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

Financial Assistance - Merit-based aid available based on your GPA.

To learn more, contact
Linda Guyette
School of Education director for Student Success