Culvert Management Planning for Amphibian Connectivity

Funding Source: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Assistant Professor and MS in Environmental Science director Matthew Aiello-Lammens and Pace University Senior Fellow John Cronin received a grant from the Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program to help understand the role of culverts in facilitating amphibian and reptile habitat connectivity in our region.

This project will develop an adaptive management plan for prioritizing culvert maintenance actions to enhance connectivity of amphibian habitat and survival of amphibian species, and manage drainage during precipitation events.

Pace graduate students Michael Tierney (Environmental Science, '19), Michaela Peterson (Environmental Science, '19), Nadya Hall (Environmental Policy, '17), and Norman Sanchez (Environmental Science, '19) have been assessing small culverts, monitoring turtle populations, and working with Professor Josh Schwartz to design a turtle behavior experiment.

With this grant, Pace University faculty and students are working toward their goal of identifying culverts that most greatly reduce road-associated mortality and are most important for facilitating run-off.