The Society of Fellows began in the fall of 1980 with a weekend seminar devoted to questions in applied ethics. The first class of members inducted at the formal inauguration of the Society in December 1981 was named after distinguished philosopher and Pace faculty member William Barrett. Since then, a new class is inducted annually and named after a member of our society who has made a significant contribution to the ideals we hold important. To date, more than 400 hold the distinction of Fellow of Dyson College.


Charles H. Dyson, Edward J. Mortola, Joseph E. Houle, M. Teresa Brady, R.D.C, John H. Buchsbaum, Louis V. Quintas

Being bound by ties of friendship and dedication to the ideals of liberal education, do hereby constitute themselves and their successors, forever, as fellows of the Dyson College with the duty of promoting undergraduate scholarship among the members of said college and admitting into its society and fellowship only those students, faculty, alumni, staff and friends of the Dyson College who advance in a noteworthy and exemplary fashion the purposes of the society as expressed in its constitution.