Model United Nations (PLV)

Interested in the United Nations? Debate? Learning more about different cultures and governments? Model UN great is a stimulating, and simultaneously innovating, experience that challenges students to think critically and analytically, expand their horizons, and enhance their collegiate experience. These outcomes are facilitated by participating in academic competitions where students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. The competitions range from the Southern Regional Model United Nations in Atlanta, to the National Model United Nations in New York City. Pace Pleasantville’s MUN team has developed a reputation for excellence at these distinguished conferences and stands competitive among some of the highest caliber schools - nationally and internationally.

Students who are interested need not be politically saavy, or even political science majors. The team is always comprised of a variety of majors and individuals with varied backgrounds. Past teams have included participants from major programs such as communications, nursing, biology, computer science, philosophy and religious studies.

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Model United Nations-PLV, also known as MUN, is a class and extracurricular activity housed within Pace University Pleasantville’s Economics, History and Political Science department. The Model United Nations team is comprised of politically aware students who are interested in testing their knowledge and limits by participating in simulated United Nations debates.

Students who participate in MUN simulate the United Nations’ various committee sessions as delegates representing a designated country or member state. While role-playing delegates of their assigned country, students make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with other delegates, resolve conflicts, and attempt to remain in character, while following the conference’s rules of procedure. Through MUN, students learn about diplomacy while addressing topics concerning peace and security, human rights, the environment, food and hunger, and economic development. Throughout the course of an academic year, students will prepare to attend MUN conferences held in the fall and spring semester.

Pace University’s Model United Nations is a collegiate team that partakes in national competitions each year. Pace’s MUN Team dedicates itself to understanding the importance of the United Nations, as well as focusing on international relations, diplomacy, lobbying, and essential communication skills while representing a key member state.


Prof. Paul Londrigan
Political Science
Pleasantville campus