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Global Asia Institute Staff

Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, PhD

Executive Director

Dr. Lee is Professor of History at Pace University. He earned his BA (Hons), MA and PhD from the University of ‎London. Since joining the Pace University faculty in 2001, he has developed and taught a ‎number of new courses including “Nonviolent Activism in Modern Asia,” “Wars in the ‎Asia-Pacific,” “Hong Kong and Bollywood Cinemas,” “Bible and Gun: Christianity in China,” and “Confucian Capitalism in China.” He has published widely on the history of Sino-Western cultural ‎interactions. He is author of The Bible and the Gun: Christianity in South China, 1860–1900 (New York, 2003; Beijing, 2010), and co-author of Context and Vision: Visualizing Chinese-Western Cultural Encounters in Chaoshan (Beijing, 2017). His edited/co-edited works include Marginalization in China (New York, 2009), China’s Rise to Power (New York, 2012), Hong Kong and Bollywood: Globalizations of Asian Cinemas (New York, 2016), Christianizing South China (New York, 2018), and The Church as Safe Haven: Christian Governance in China (Leiden, 2019).


Global Asia Institute Faculty

Ioana Atanassova
History and Global Asia

Ronald K. Frank, PhD
History and Global Asia

Amy L. Freedman, PhD
Political Science

Satish Kolluri, PhD
Communication Studies

James D. Reich, PhD
Philosophy and Religious Studies

Marcella Szablewicz, PhD
Communication Studies

Ying Wang, PhD
Modern Languages/Cultures