"The Dyson Scholars in Residence program really cracked open my shell"
– Jaquay Dee-Hardmon & Dulce Garcia , Class of 2019

Jaquay Dee-Hardmon, English

What really attracted me to Pace was the networking aspect of the institution. I also heard many positive things about the English department! I became acquainted [with Associate Professor of English, Jane Collins, PhD], and she brought to my attention that she would love to see me in her new program, Dyson Scholars in Residence (DSIR). I thought it would be great to be a part of this living learning community in Elm Hall [Pleasantville campus]. DSIR taught me how to prepare myself for the life I want. I have always been a shy person, and being a part of DSIR really cracked open my shell. It changed my way of thinking and showed me options that are not far out of my reach. Now, I have studied abroad in Paris! As a first-generation student, this was also the first time I have left the country, and I did it alone! I was enrolled in a class that required us to visit many different museums to study the works of a plethora of artists. My goal after graduation is to find a position involving screenwriting or creative writing of some sort. I have an idea for a screenplay, and it’s currently in the works. Most importantly, I simply want to be the best me I can be.

Dulce Garcia, Communications

I wanted to come to Pace ever since my senior year in high school. Unfortunately, that was not possible due to financial and family issues. My parents did not go to college, and although they’re better about it now, it was hard for them to accept me moving across the country for school. So, I initially attended a four-year private university in Arizona, where I’m from, but I ended up leaving after my freshman year to enroll in medical assistant school. In 2016, on a trip to New York, I visited both Pace campuses. I reapplied, and in spring 2017 I started on the PLV campus.

Starting at college is one thing, but I think that a lot of the time, students feel anxious and unprepared about finishing and entering the real world. I know I feel very nervous about graduating. That being said, the Dyson Scholars in Residence course titled "Creating a Good Life,” which focuses on designing your life, sounded appealing. In this living-learning program, I learned to visualize goals, write them out, and prototype different lifestyles and/or experiences that I would like to have. As a result, I have lived and studied in Paris and took interesting courses at the American University of Paris! I was able to produce and direct a journalistic video, and took a photography class that I wanted to take for a long time. After college, my goal is to work for a broadcast company in production or post-production.

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